Hi, I’m Terry also known as Terrilox — only on this site — no one actually calls me Terrilox.   Terrilox was created as the combo name of my first, maiden and married last names.  I liked it, the domain was available and I’ve never been told “user name is already taken.”

I have been called T, Miss T, Tootles, Toots, Teressa Louise (only by my mother), Tige and Terrible.  My Mawmaw tried to nickname me Little Lulu when I was really little, but somehow that never caught on.


I’m the Mama of the cutest twin boys on the planet — James Philip and Jackson Roy — aka “The Dumplings”.

The road to motherhood was not easy, but can unabashedly say … It. Was. Worth. It.

After several IVF attempts with my own eggs were unsuccessful, I had to come to terms with using donor eggs in order to have the family I had always dreamed about.  I went on a yoga retreat and wrote This and THAT.  A few days later I wrote Chicken N’ Dumplings With Gratitude, where I reveal my scientific unscientific egg donor selection process.

A few days later I begin my journey of 60 Days on my yoga mat. For 60+ days I found my way to the yoga mat, in different time zones, with all sorts of teachers.  I definitely did not plan for the journey to culminate with my successful pregnancy, but it did.

Those 60 Days of going to the mat taught me so much about enjoying the journey.  Living in the moment makes the arrival at your destination an even bigger surprise.  And what a surprise it was!

I am married to the love of my life, who also happens to be a native Californian.  Somehow I’ve ended up fourteen years in a place I never thought I would stay.  I have a love-hate relationship with L.A., but I keep telling myself to Bloom Where I Am Currently Planted.  This is often easier said than done.

I’m a late bloomer in the Mama department, but not in the living department.  I’ve lived in every time zone and traveled all over the world.  I’ve met just about every major star from 70’s and 80’s television.  I rarely write about these many brushes with fame, but I wrote about my golf cart ride with Larry Hagman.

I married the love of my life in 2007 overlooking the Rocky Mountains.  My wedding party walked down the aisle to Rocky Mountain High and I walked down to Annie’s Song.

Terrilox is my personal blog about my journey through infertility, my choice to use an egg donor and ultimately my new life as a Mama.  I guess it will ultimately take on the term, Mommy-Blog, though I hope it is more than that.  In many ways I’m still finding my blogging voice; things are becoming clearer as I journey to the end of this first year of motherhood.

I’m complicated.  I’m sarcastic.  My wit is dry.  My laugh is loud.  My sneeze is even louder.  I love Dr. Pepper, pie and red velvet cake.  I love chicken n’ dumplings, chicken fried steak and sushi.  (I told you, I’m complicated.)  For more quirky things about me, check out 44 Things You May Not Know About Me.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  Grab a Dr. Pepper (or a glass of wine) and stay awhile.