Week 15 — Tri-Two: Happy Birthday, Willie!


Terry -- Week 15Willie Nelson has been on a loop in my house today.  It is, after all, his 80th birthday.  Right now I’m listening to Funny How Time Slips Away.  Ain’t that the truth?

I’m also listening to the new Kenny Chesney album — Life On a Rock.  He has a great duet with Willie called Coconut Tree.  Love it.

Willie Hugh Nelson.  How southern is that to have his actual first name be Willie and not a shortened version of William?  Jonathan is always laughing because my cousin Jenny Lea’s name is Jenny, not a shortened version of Jennifer.  Her mother’s name was Peggy, not a nickname for Margaret.  I suppose in the south they figure if you’re going to call someone a name, there is no sense in complicating it with a long version no one will use.

My Mom did not subscribe to that theory.  I have a formal name (Teressa) shortened to the version everyone uses (Terry).  I suppose this is because her parents named her Kay.  Just Kay.  No middle name.  They named their other two daughters Kathie and Ann.  No middle names.  I always assumed my grandparents picked simple names because their names were Ruby Worsham (he went by RW) and Louise LaRue … I can’t say I really blame them.

By the way, it’s week 15 of my pregnancy.  The nausea has been teasing me.  I will go two days without incident and then I’ll spend an entire afternoon in the bathroom.  I keep telling myself I’ve waited years to feel like this.  Perhaps by the time it’s all over I’ll start believing it?

This week I have been researching baby stuff.  A majority of my friends did all of this so long ago … so I feel like a pretty late bloomer talking about diapers and car seats.  I started off with this huge list of things all of the various websites told me I needed.  Initially, I put it all on my list, but as the days wore on and I compiled my research, the list dwindled.

I look at all of the amazing inventions and things that have been created to give your baby the best start in life, and it gives me pause.  I wake up asking myself; what do the Dumplings need?  Really need?  What do we need to give them what they need?  

Jonathan and I were watching the Louis CK HBO special, Oh My God, last night.  He did this segment (which I have posted below) and I was laughing so hard because it is so true.  It’s worth watching.  It gets a little crude at the end, but he has a point.

We live in a world now where everything is over-documented.  This is both good and bad, I think.  It’s a matter of knowing how and when to use all of the methods of documenting constantly at our disposal.  We often spend so much time documenting each moment we forget to actually live the moment while it is happening.  When Louis CK makes the joke about parents holding cameras, phones and iPads in front of their faces to record the dance recital of their child — I pause.  Please don’t let that be me.

Know when to document and know when to live the moment.  Videos will never do the real thing justice.

Am I laughing at this, while over-documenting my own pregnancy? 

I hope not.  But maybe I am?

I often over-think things because I am weighing all of the options.  The pros.  The cons.  Looking at all sides.

While taking my afternoon walk, it occurred to me that if we are documenting everything, ultimately we are documenting nothing.  All of us have boxes of pictures.  But there are pictures and then there are PICTURES.  Pictures you look at all the time.  Pictures you carry in your heart every day.  And then … the pictures that sit in the box.

I want to keep the Dumplings life simple, while making sure they have plenty of PICTURES.  The kind they carry in their heart, not in a box … or in their case, on their hard drives, or in their clouds.

Today, as I sat feeling queasy, I read the Dumplings Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!  This version of the book was written specifically to be read to your babies in Utero.

“You’ll find that this world’s a great place to begin, but it could use some help – which is where you come in.  So now, as my voice burble-urps in your ear-with a bump-thumpy sound that is not very clear-the words I am saying you hear in your heart, and know that I wish you the very best start.  It’s a scrumptious world and it’s ready to greet you.  

And as for myself … well … I can’t wait to meet you!”

I’m sure they won’t remember it, but I want them to know I did it anyway.

Perhaps I am over-documenting?

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