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Jackson and James

Dear Jackson and James: Keep Stumbling

Dear Jackson and James: Every time I sit to write a letter I think to myself — or perhaps out loud … often it is out loud because I am generally alone when I write these letters and I like ...

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James and Jackson at Park

Month 17.5: Dear James and Jackson …

Dear James and Jackson: I can’t believe that you are almost eighteen months old.  I was going to wait until you turned 18-months old to write the next letter — but something happened over the past few days I...

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Month 16

Month 16: Dear Jackson and James

Dear Jackson and James: I really can’t believe you’re 16 months old today.  It’s gone so fast, just one year ago today you looked like this: On this 16th day of January in the year 2015 — your...

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Pinterest Project 1: Office Makeover

Life is not just about what happens to you, it’s about how you happen to life. Having a vision I am accountable to is everything for me.

My practical side can easily push the dreamer to the curb, until one...

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James with Fry
Los Angeles Zoo, January 2015

Shoot Out 2015: Week One

I was on Pinterest last night and came upon a quote … “Nothing Will Make You Feel Better Except Doing the Work.”  THIS should be my motto for the year.  From where I sit right now, truer words were...

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