Month 16: Dear Jackson and James

Month 16

Month 16

Dear Jackson and James:

I really can’t believe you’re 16 months old today.  It’s gone so fast, just one year ago today you looked like this:

james and jackson aka the dumplings 4 months

Month 4

On this 16th day of January in the year 2015 — your official 16 month birthday — these are a few of your favorite activities, actions, people and things.

Jackson - Month 16

Jackson – Month 16

Favorite Person:  You love your Mama more than just about anyone.  You have matured in that you no longer double over into a complete meltdown every time I go to the bathroom.  Runners Up:  Daddy, Hilda and Melanie

Favorite Food:  Blackberries and Tamales

Favorite Activity:  Pretending you are a vacuum cleaner and Dancing

Favorite Video:  Sesame Street Usher ABC

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  Pushing the turtle lawnmower

Favorite Outfit:  Anything Mama picks out because no one else knows how to dress you

Favorite Bath Activity:  Throwing everything out of the tub

Favorite Utterance:  Mama and du-dy-du-du (as if you are having a conversation, which you probably are)

Favorite Hairstyle:  Windblown with a splash of cottage cheese

Favorite Nap Activity:  Beating on the wall

Favorite Item:  Your blanket

Favorite Book:  Cleo in the Snow … I have no idea why.  Maybe you want to live in Colorado.

James 16 months

James — Month 16

Favorite Person:  You love your Daddy more than just about anyone.  Mama generally comes in a close second, followed by … Hilda, Melanie, Rachel and just about anyone.  You’re a lover not a fighter — except when a man stands on a street corner wearing a red suit and a white beard.

Favorite Food:  Bananas and Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

Favorite Activity:  Dancing, sorting and tormenting playing with Raylan

Favorite Video:  5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  Collecting balls and eating rocks

Favorite Outfit:  Anything Mama picks out because no one else knows how to dress you

Favorite Bath Activity:  Splashing

Favorite Utterance:  Mama and Da-da-da

Favorite Hairstyle:  Windblown with a dollop of Cream of Wheat

Favorite Nap Activity:  Throwing things in your brother’s crib

Favorite Item:  That ring on your head, otherwise known as “your crown”

Favorite Book:  Brown  Bear, Brown Bear … Mama loves to sing it to you.

I know it seems like every time I take a picture of you you’re covered in food or dirt or or some combination of the two.  But you see, that’s what you look like all the time.  That moment when I dress you for the day, that clean, pristine moment … it lasts about five minutes.

This is you and it’s the only you I am interested in capturing.

I love it when you hug my legs, call out my name and give me big slobbery kisses.  I love watching you figure things out.  I love watching you interact.  I even love watching you fight, and lately, try to make each other feel better.

Happy Birthday, sweet Dumplings.  You’re my own personal reality show, and honestly, I never want to miss an episode … except for that one where you follow me around screaming for 20 minutes.  I’ll skip that one.





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