44 Things You May Not Know About Me


I never do these on Facebook, but I thought the perfect place to write 44 bits of useless of useless information about myself would be on my own blog.  I’ll be honest, now that I actually have a little more time to write, I am having a little trouble finding my voice so to speak.

I’m having some struggles reconciling Mama Terry with Terry.  No matter how much I want to be this image I have of the perfect Mama … at the end of the day I am still just me.  Me being a Mama.  Some days I make homemade baby food, wash cloth diapers and read tons of books.  Some days I open a pouch, put on some Pampers and watch VocabuLarry.  Probably no different than any other Mama, I suppose.

No matter how much I want to follow the image of this fictional perfect Mama (as I continually say), the best thing to give our children is our authentic self.  I remember when I was a kid, I would sometimes wish my Mom would be the cupcake bringing, party throwing “perfect” Mom some of my friends had.

I actually remember a few times where my Mom came to volunteer and participate in things because she knew it would make me happy.  But looking back, I realize how hard it was for her to do those things and how uncomfortable she was.  It wasn’t her.  But it never meant she was not a great Mom.  She was.  My friends all loved her, and with small groups of us she was a lot of fun.  As I got older, I realized she hated crowds of unknown people and the inevitable small talk that comes with that.  (The apple does not fell very far from the tree about some things, I guess.)  I eventually stopped asking her because when she was uncomfortable I was uncomfortable.  When she was relaxed, I was relaxed — and that was the Mom I wanted to be around.

Terry and Her Mama

Mom and Me — February 2014

When Mama is good the kids are good.  I even see this with my own babies.  If I am the least bit stressed about anything, they pick up on it.

Writing for 60 Days and going to the mat, was truly one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Now that I have put away the breast pump (not without some tears) and started sleeping through the night I’m ready to get back to the mat.  Really back.

In the meantime, I wrote 44 useless bits of information about myself you might enjoy.  Or not.  One for each year of my life.

1.)  I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in Tripler Hospital on August 2 to two native Texans.  I cost $7.50 to be delivered, only because my Mom had to eat during her hospital stay.  My Dad was in the Navy at the time.

2.) A dog bit me on my left arm when I was six.

3.) I stole a Snoopy doll from Joske’s when I was nine.  My Mom figured it out and I had to take it all back to the manager of the store, complete with police officer.

4.) My first cat was named Buffy.  So was my husband’s. (It’s Kismet!)

5.) My husband was born on October 5.  My Maid of Honor’s husband was born on October 5.  My Maid Of Honor was also born in Hawaii.  What are the odds?

6.) I have lived in every United States time zone.

7.) I never blow dry my hair because I find it boring.

8.) I secretly wish they had Garanimals for adults.  I sometimes wish I was Charlie Brown so I could wear the same outfit everyday.  Dressing decisions frustrate me.  I guess my mother knew this, which is why she bought my clothes and put them on my bed.  Except for this outfit, which I bought myself.


Senior Year Photo — September 1986

Don’t ask … but check out the socks.  Ironically, these are Charlie Brown colors …

9.) I am not a fan of summer.

10.) I love to swim at night in a pool heated all day by the Texas sun.

11.) I love to sit and meditate in empty churches.  Specifically, The Little Church Around the Corner in NYC.  I did this a lot when I lived there.

12.) After watching Airport 75′ I was afraid to let my Dad fly to Salt Lake City.  So afraid, they had to tell me he was flying somewhere else.

13.) Boomer (my cat of 17.5 years) was named after Boomer Esiason.  A real person.

14.) Raylan (my cat of almost one year) is named after Raylan Givens.  A fictional Elmore Leonard character from the FX show Justified.

15.) I grind my teeth.

16.) My sneeze is extremely loud.  It drives my husband crazy.

17.) The thing I hate the most about LA is … wait for it … the weather.  There is none.

18.) The thing I love most about LA is my husband.

19.) I love reading during thunderstorms and snuggled up next to real wood fires.

20.) I hate small talk.  I would rather not talk at all.

21.) Fall is my favorite season.

22.) I produced a circus in Caracas.

23.) There was a time I thought first birthday parties were stupid.  Now I have a Pinterest board titled “We’re Turning One!”

24.) I shaved my arms in third grade.

25.) I’ve met everyone from the cast of Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley.

26.) My favorite shows as a teenager were Hart to Hart and Cagney & Lacey.

27.) I have an I Helped Save Cagney & Lacey bumper sticker from all the fan letters I wrote when they threatened to cancel the show.

28.) I fell asleep at a Genesis concert.

29.) I first tried smoking grass by smoking actual yard grass with my childhood friend Gennifre.

30.) I want to build my dream home on a farm, but I don’t want to be a farmer.

31.) I was a bartender in NYC.  I make great margaritas.

32.) I had what could be construed as too much to drink in Chicago with Gloria Reuben from E.R. after an event I did for Marshall Field’s.  She was a lot of fun!


33.) We filmed an interview with Sarah Palin at her house in Alaska, it was 17 below zero and her husband was going jogging.  I was extremely disappointed Piper was not home — she was the one I really wanted to meet.

Sarah Palin and Me

34.) My first overseas trip was to Russia in 1992.

35.) I love camping and fishing.

36.) I prefer lakes over the ocean.

37.) I’m extremely sensitive and sentimental.

38.) I converted to Judaism.

39.) Blue Bell Banana Pudding is my favorite ice cream and I once paid $100 to have 3 half gallons shipped to Los Angeles.

40.) I can hike for hours, I can’t run to save my life.

41.) My husband and I hiked to the top of Half Dome for our honeymoon, which I wrote about here.

42.) I never wear heels.

43.) I miss reading real books and writing real letters.

44.) I am scared every time I hit publish on this blog.



  1. Gennifre Hartman says:

    Thanks for sharing that we smoked grass. Real yard clippings. We put it in a piece of a torn, brown paper bag. HA! :)

  2. spring says:

    This is awesome. Learned a lot of new things about you and it also reminded me how much I love you. You’re awesome.

  3. 16. Me too! Drives Mike crazy.
    18. Me too! Your husband IS the best thing about LA!

    Love you. May we both end up in places we love that are very near one another some day. In the meantime, enjoy those adorable boys and keep writing. And come over this summer!! xoxo

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