Dear James and Jackson: 4 Months and Counting …

012114 - James at Nicola's

James at Nicola’s
January 17th, 2014


012114 - Jackson2

Jackson at Nicola’s
January 17, 2014

Dear James and Jackson:

Mom, when did I start sleeping through the night?

Well, I think it was about five weeks … either you started sleeping through the night, or I did.

This was a conversation between your KK and me the last time she was in town.  I think she was trying to be funny because knowing how fastidious she is and was, I can’t imagine she just stopped hearing me!  Sometimes I wish I could sleep though even the slightest sounds you make, but it rarely happens.  It seems as though I hear every coo, cry, burp, fart and runny nose you manage to produce at whatever hour you manage to produce it.

Somewhere around January 7th, the days started running into each other.  I felt like I was constantly trying to catch up and then all of the sudden — you were four months old!

James you were a whopping 15 pounds, 12 ounces and Jackson you came in at 14 pounds, 3 ounces.  Your weight gain is pretty extraordinary.  You are both incredibly healthy and strong.  So healthy and strong, you both often wake at 4:00 am firmly convinced you are STARVING!

What is that about?  I mean you eat ALL. DAY. LONG.  We really are going to have to stop meeting at that hour.  Mommy may never get to write anything down, fill in your baby book or get my hair colored; not to mention the manicure and pedicure I have not seen in MONTHS.

I know I should be so grateful you are here I could not possibly care about my hair, my nails, my massages, and my yoga.  I am beyond grateful you are here, but one thing I have learned over the last several months is the more out of control I let things get, the more disheveled I feel, the more overwhelmed I feel, the more tired I feel — the less present I am when I am with you. The less I remember.  The less I have to give you.

You see, Dumplings — I don’t want to be some frumpy Mama who spins herself into complete disheveled mess with the onset of motherhood.  Trust me, you want my roots colored, my heels buffed, my traps massaged and my body in downward facing dog on a regular basis.

You want me writing all of this down, because your father and me as parents are pretty comical.  At least we think so.  Especially when stroller shopping, or trying to put together a Jumperoo.

Oh, and you want me to have an occasional (currently weekly) glass bottle of wine.  Trust me.  You do.

In the news this week — you are both almost turning over.  Jackson you are definitely a highly focused, incredibly persistent fellow.  I put you down for a nap today in your crib.  I came back to check on you and you were turned the completely opposite direction on your side, one slight push from fully turning over.  You were working so hard you just fell asleep before you reached the finish line.

James, you are the funniest sleeper.  There is a lot of drama before complete silence.  You make me think there is no way you are going to ever go to sleep and then I come in your room … silence.  I love that about you.

You’re both talking up a storm, of course we all know where you get that.  You both smile and laugh.  You can play by yourselves.  You play together on your farm play mat.  I should definitely do a post with pictures of you with your favorite toys at each stage of development.  Right now you are teething and your absolute favorite teether is the Innobaby EZ Grip Massaging Teether.

We have started some real routines, which has made us all calmer.  We are still debating the exact sleep routine.  We are apparently in some disagreement about the timing of things.  The sleep suits magically put you to sleep and back to sleep, but unfortunately, they do not feed you when you think you are STARVING at 4:00 in the morning.

At our last twins class the teacher told us that babies like country music because of the beat.  I am now convinced my love of George Strait, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash has, in fact, made you the happiest babies on the block — because goodness knows, it was NOT the swaddle.

During bottles we listen to music.  This week I have been playing Darius Rucker — Wagon Wheel and Radio with a chaser of George Strait — I Saw God Today.  After bottles we read three board books.  This week it is Harold and the Purple Crayon, Very Hungry Caterpillar, and You Are My I Love You.  The last one always makes me cry when I read it to you because your Mama is a big sap.

Just get used to it.

I am so lucky to have two babies that generally love their cribs.  Lately, I can put you in there at noon in a very mellow state and you’ll play yourselves to sleep.

Your doctor said we can start trying some foods if we wanted to.  Right now your diet is 50% breast milk and 50% organic formula.  I am going to start letting you taste things, but have decided to wait for full implementation until you are a little older.

Today you tried mango and you both loved it.

I can’t wait until I can make you Chicken n’ Dumplings.



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