The Daily Dumplings: The Magic Sleep Suit


01052014 - Magic Sleep SuitHere it is.  The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit.  How magic is it?  Depends on the kid, I am almost certain.  For our kids, it’s been pretty magic.

01052014 - Sleep Suit Jackson

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

01052014 - Jackson Full Suit

01052014 - James Magic Sleep

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

01052014 - James Magic Sleep Suit Full

Our children are sleeping longer though the night.  It’s not perfect, but for babies who are not fond of swaddling or sleeping on their back (ours) — I have found these to be a wonderful (though not cheap) addition to our current sleep routine.  I put them on during the 9:00pm hour and then give them a big bottle before putting them down.  They have an incredible calming effect of them.

For those who care, I use cloth diapers.  Yes, you read that right.

I’ll be honest, I did not make the decision for the environment or finances — I wish I could say I was that noble.  I made it because I believe cloth is the right choice for our babies.  It does not mean we do not use disposable, because we do — but most of the time you will find them in a BumGenius Freetime.  I spent the first several months trying to find the right diapers and diapering system for our family.  I recently settled on the BumGenius and Kissaluvs with Thirsties Diaper Covers.  The BumGenius are used for overnight and long outings as they leak less than any disposable we have tried.  I’ll write more about our diapering routine in a future post.

And on a side note … I love putting them in cute diapers:

01042014 - Tuxedo Diaper

BumGenius Freetime – Tuxedo Pattern

I want to say one thing about mindlessly stupid questions — which I referenced in my last post.  Someone told me it made me sound like I thought questions were stupid.  That was not my intent at all — obviously I ask questions every day.  In fact, I am certain I put mindlessly stupid ones into whatever search engine I am using.  We all do.

Rather than implying anyone (including myself) is mindlessly stupid — I was actually trying to bolster our innate motherly intuition.  Our common sense.

Most of the answers are right in front of us.

I’ll never forget being in the NICU and panicking when the alarms went off on their monitors.  My eyes would get wide I would stare at the nurses and freeze as fear washed over me.  Finally one nurse saw my panic and said just look at your baby.  Most of the information you need about their stress level can be found by looking at THEM, not the monitor.

She was right.  And I try to remember that with every mindlessly stupid question that might pop in my head.

I will probably try to find some other mother’s experience with said question, but I will do it while looking at my baby.

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