Dear Dumplings — Week 20: Words Of Wisdom

Week 20 -- Half way there!

Week 20 — Half way there!

Dear Dumplings:

We’re half way there, can you believe it?

Your Mama is getting quite the bump.  I can’t believe how much you have grown since last week.  It’s amazing, actually.  This week they tell me you are as long as carrots or bananas, depending on who is writing the information.  You weigh about 10.5 ounces, which means I have roughly 21 ounces of baby boys in there!

They also say my uterus is as high as my belly button … but I beg to differ.  The last time I went in for a check-up, one of you (Harlow) was already above my belly button, so apparently you are making a lot of nice room for yourselves at the expense of my stomach.  This might explain why I get full after a very small amount of food.

I had my first craving yesterday.  Hummus.  I have no idea where it came from, but I left Ellen’s yoga class with an intense desire to eat hummus and Triscuits.  I proceeded to eat the hummus and the crackers at around 6:30pm and then I took a 3 hour nap.  Yes, a nighttime nap.  I woke up at 10:00 only to go back to bed at 12:30am for 8 hours.

I must still be recovering from Chicago or all this growing you are doing is making me tired.

You’ll notice I have a different camera this week.  My friend, Elaine, said it was important not to take all pictures with your iPhone when you’re little, so I’m getting out my good camera and trying to learn more about it.

I spent the last two days editing footage from Chicago, and after writing about your Mama’s big mistake at ASCO a couple of days ago, I feel somewhat out of enlightening things to say.

Not to get too preachy here, but what good is writing you weekly letters if I’m not allowed to impart some wisdom?

This week I have three pieces of wisdom.  I learned them all a long time ago, but this week I was somehow reminded of their importance.

1.) Own your screw-ups right away.  The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

2.) It’s always easier to remember the truth.  And as you get older, sometimes it is even hard to remember the truth, because whole periods of your life become a blur.

3.) Want the life you have, and if the life you have is not going exactly how you had planned, use your mistakes or misfortunes as the catalyst to make it better. I think God gives us bridges to cross throughout life, and it’s up to us to figure out what the other side is going to look like.  Free will and all .

When I messed up this past week at ASCO, a lot of these things came up for me, even though the first one is the only one that specifically pertains to my mistake.

As for the second one, there was nothing I was ever tempted to lie about — I throw that one in because the one thing your Grandma Kay hated the most when I was a kid was lying.  I guess it rubbed off.  I’ll probably be pretty strong on that front, too.  You have been warned.

As for the last one … in speaking to cancer survivors and thinking about all the ups and downs of my own life, I started to see once again how important it is to want the life we have.  To embrace it, grow from it and use things we don’t like as a catalyst for changes within.

A lot of these things may seem like cliches and platitudes, and they are, if you are not practicing them.  Sometimes it’s easy to say these things when nothing is wrong with your life.  It’s when everything seems wrong and unfair about your life that they become so important.  Try to remember that … if you happen to read any of these letters before you turn 40.

AKG — Always. Keep. Growing.

Literally (which you are clearly doing now, from the looks of my belly) and figuratively (which I hope you will do throughout your life).

As 5:00 approaches on Friday … we’re all going to take a nap.  This seems to be prime nap time at the Wilcox house.  You’re still right now.  I think your nap has already started.

Or you want me to stop lecturing you.

Zzzzzzzzz …



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