Oh, Oklahoma.

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Today I was going to post my weekly pregnancy picture, but after listening to the news coming out of Oklahoma all day,  I just couldn’t do it.  After hearing all the devastation that was happening in Oklahoma, I finally let myself watch and take it in.  Within minutes I was crying.  I tend to wear the tragedy of others personally, especially if I watch the news too much.  Being pregnant, I have tried to limit my tragedy intake because I can easily become a news junkie.

Oklahoma is a place I have been driving through my whole life to get to Arkansas, but honestly it would not matter if it was the neighbor of Texas or the neighbor of Holland.  It would not matter if I had ever been there, though we will always hold those places with meaning to us a bit closer because we can visualize them, they are a part of us somehow.

Human beings are suffering tonight and we should all try to lift them in our own hearts and through our prayers.  Holding good thoughts and praying for people is not simply a religious act, it’s an act of humanity.  Yes, it feels helpless to be sitting far away safe from harm, but I believe that old cliche thoughts and prayers — holding them in our hearts is our collective way of helping.  It’s the only ongoing way we can really help across the miles.  We can’t solve all the problems of the world, but collectively, we can come together to lift people up in spirit — even from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

It’s not that difficult to imagine what you would be feeling if you were driving towards a school where your child was covered in rubble, not knowing if you would be driving them home with you.  I saw some mothers who were elated and grateful they found their child in one piece, and some not so lucky.  There really are no words when parents bury children, no matter what the circumstances.

As I scanned the internet for news, I saw a few hateful things about how Oklahoma deserved this because of they are conservatives and other completely inane things.  No worse than those claiming gay marriage is the cause of a tragedy.  All stupid.  People trying to be funny.  It’s not funny.  This sort of hate always makes me sad because when you hear political drivel from either side during a tragedy, you realize how disconnected some people have become from their empathy.  From their humanity.  I could care less if I do not agree with a single thing you stand for … I certainly don’t want you, your child, or your mother or any member of your family to be found lifeless under a pile of rubble.

How can political dogma possibly be the first thing people think about?  I will never understand it.

I’m glad The Dumplings are tucked away safe and sound in their Mama tonight.  They should know they are part Okie though.  After all, their Grandpa Jim was born in Lamar, Oklahoma.  They’re not Okies from Muskogee, but rather Okies from Lamar?  There is a reason that song was never written … it’s not very catchy.

Just remember, lift up your fellow humans up tonight in prayers, good thoughts and loving kindness.  Someday you might find yourself surrounded by a pile of rubble or worse, and you would want people to do the same for you across the miles.

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