My Pregnancy Diet — The Green Soup

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I started the Terrilox page on Facebook, so I could do some posts like this one that will most likely bore many of my friends to death.  I am doing it because these are the types of posts I find myself reading on the blogs of other pregnant women.  I know pregnant women are the only women who will find it remotely interesting, but I think it’s important to share, even though I know no two pregnancies are alike.  I’ll try to keep it somewhat interesting.

When I got pregnant I never in a million years thought my ability to eat was going to change so drastically.  So drastically, in fact, that my preference is not to eat.  I assumed I would have some nausea, possibly some vomiting — but I had no idea that 18 weeks into my pregnancy getting enough food down would still be my biggest challenge.

All signs point to the fact that I am doing okay.  The Dumpling boys are healthy.  I’m going to yoga and exercising.  But the enjoyment of any food, even my favorite foods, still eludes me.  I take Zofran, which allows me to get food down, but it is certainly no miracle drug for me.

I keep going back to the conversation we had with Dr. D where he said the most important nutritional year of your child’s life is this one.  He also said conception, pregnancy and breast feeding are an 18-24 month marathon on a woman’s body, depending on if and how long you plan to breast feed.

I woke up this morning with an empty stomach, feeling nauseous.  The crackers no longer work.  In fact, if I ever see another saltine it will be too soon.  I have found that organic milk with a splash or two of organic chocolate milk can keep things under control until I get my bearings in the morning.

I know what you’re thinking.  Chocolate milk?

A nutritionist I know who works to help create better meals in the public schools here in Los Angeles told me that chocolate milk is the least of our worries in the war on childhood obesity.  There is nutrition in chocolate milk, giving me an extra protein boost from the chocolate.  I’m sure Dr. D would turn up his nose because he told me to eat no sugar — but since Dr. S tells me to eat whatever I can get down — I still feel like I am playing by the rules.

Despite the fact that I am analyzing my nutrition at the moment, I am not a paranoid pregnant woman.  After all, I went upside down in yoga last week.  Considering the journey I took to get here, I’m pretty mellow about the whole thing.

After I drank my milk concoction, I decided to go to the grocery store.  I have not done any shopping in weeks because the grocery store makes me dry heave, but today — like a Olympian preparing for a marathon — I went to Whole Foods.

I came out with all sorts of healthy things I think I can eat — yogurt, cantaloupe, nectarines, eggs, blueberries and all the ingredients to make a soup.  I had to open a protein bar in the store and eat it in order to finish my shopping.  I suppose this action is preparing me for toddlers.

Yet, Jonathan already does this with Hot Tamales in Target.

I am trying to follow the Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet which is completely focused on protein.  I’ve been getting protein, but I am no where near where I need to be as the Dumplings get bigger.

One of the things I can consistently get down is soup.  All kinds of soup.  No salad.  No chicken.  No steak.  No fish.  But soup, I can do.  And I learned a few nights ago that I can do chicken in a pot pie, so chicken n’ dumplings will be back on the menu soon.  But today I decided to make a green soup.  I bought some kale, spinach, sweet potato, onions, thyme, sage, vegetable broth, fresh garlic and went to work.  I used this Basic Green Soup recipe as my starting point, and then did my own thing by adding the kale instead of chard and a sweet potato instead of the rice.

It’s cooking now.  I’ll have to let you know how it tastes upon completion, but so far so good.  If it is good, I’ll take a picture and add the recipe later.

It smells great.   I’m looking forward to getting some greens in my body since salads are currently OFF the menu.

And people say I can’t cook?

Of course, this morning I typed this into my Google search bar:  how to boil an egg

At my age, this is something I should probably keep to myself …

For some reason, every time I boil eggs I have to look it up.  I forget how long to boil and how long to let them simmer in the boiled water.  For the record, you bring them to a boil from cold water, turn the fire down to low for one minute and then take them off the heat and cover them for 12 minutes.  Stick them in the ice bath.

For what it’s worth from a woman who had to consult Google — they were prefect and easy to peel.

I had boiled eggs for breakfast with grapefruit.  Trust me, this is progress.

My body is rejecting grains for some reason.  I can eat so little bread.  Sugar is the same way.  I can eat a small piece of my favorite red velvet cake, but even that is not exactly the same.  My “indulgences” are blood orange Italian soda and blood orange sorbet.  I will confess to a Dr. Pepper in a moment of desperation, but even that was not the same.

My body, not my brian, is the captain of this ship, but I am trying to give her a few more choices to work with as we navigate the remaining 21-22 weeks of this pregnancy.

This week my goal is to cook something I can eat every day and try to wean myself off of the bean and cheese burrito diet.  I always imagined that being pregnant would be like someone turning you loose in a chocolate factory.  Everything you love is supposed to taste AMAZING.  People tell me stories of having to eat birthday cakes and double cheeseburgers and all sort of things that seem insane to me in my current state.

I guess on some level I should be thankful for that.  I don’t want to gain more weight than I need to gain for The Dumplings.

Thankfully, despite my occasional binges at Taco Bell and Sonic, I never have been a junk food junkie — but this song has always made me laugh.



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