Week 12 — Tri-One: My Husband Is a Saint


photoSo here it is, the official 12 week photo.  Suddenly my tummy popped out like a small melon and I can no longer suck it back in.   I am nearing the end of the first trimester.  As of Sunday, April 14th, my second trimester begins.  I have to say, as enjoyable as building these little dumplings has been thus far, I am ready for a new phase.

I am glad I have been writing every week because somehow, despite my best efforts to savor every moment of this, the past several weeks have been a blur.  I have been in a constant state of fatigue or nausea.  Trying to feed me was worse than trying to feed a picky five-year old.  It was worse than trying to feed my husband — those of you who know my husband really understand this statement.  The things I love to do — write, yoga, read — were almost impossible to enjoy.  I seemed to be forever in search of the perfectly bland meal; never completely satisfied.

Can I bring you something?

I don’t know, I said.

How about a hamburger?

No cooked flesh!  

How about soup?


How about tomato soup with cheese toast?

Maybe.  Yes.  Okay.  

This has been our almost daily conversation for the past six weeks.  He keeps asking questions and making suggestions and asking questions and making suggestions until something sounds like it will not make me hurl.  And even when I think I have him making the perfect meal for me, there have been times where after one bite I am pushing it back in his face like a bratty child.  Or worse, running to the bathroom.

So, why is he a saint?  Let me count the ways.

  • He is always trying to put me to bed and make me take a nap.
  • He rubs my tummy every single day.
  • He will not let me touch the 409, or any cleaning product for that matter.
  • He drives to get me banana shakes at all hours of the night.
  • He drives to get me pudding at all hours of the night.
  • He drives to get me anything I want at all hours of the night.
  • He has suddenly started cleaning.  It’s like having a live-in maid.
  • He has suddenly started cooking.  It’s like having a live-in cook.
  • He tapes random things on the DVR that he knows I will love — and I do.
  • He listens to all the doctors instructions and enforces them.

As for the last one … let’s just say he is trying to enforce them.

So, doctor, what should she not eat?  Jonathan asked.

Sugar.  There is no place for sugar.  We know now that most important year of nutrition in a child’s life is this one.  

Jonathan looks at me and then at the bag of jolly ranchers sticking out of my purse.

I think about the Lucky Charms, the Chef Boyardee, the banana shakes, the pudding, the cookies … and I think to myself, I have already screwed them up beyond repair.  I then glance at the recommended diet and wonder where the chicken n’ dumplings, biscuits and gravy and chicken friend steak all fit into the diet …

We had our first trimester visit with the perinatologist yesterday.  This doctor does a scan of the babies every trimester to make sure everything is going well.  After all sorts of scanning from every possible angle, we were told we have two perfect babies.  We even know the sex of one of them, but until we have a confirmation on both, we are keeping quiet.  Perhaps we will know next week when we go back to the OB?  I hope so.

This new doctor gave us a packet of information on the diet I should follow throughout my pregnancy.  There are no banana shakes on my food list and this was quite distressing.  In fact, there is no sugar on my food list.  Sugar has been pulling me through some very dark places lately so the thought of saying goodbye to it had me worried.

I was relieved to read when I got home that I could enjoy ice cream, a small piece of cake or a cookie once a week.  Has anyone read the tagline for my blog?  I am always ready for dessert … not occasionally, once a week ready for dessert.  Always.

Jonathan asked questions, read the packet and took mental notes.  He was all-in on the new diet plan.  He took this packet of dietary information and the doctors orders of grass-fed beef and cage free chicken and cage free eggs and organic milk very seriously.

Without warning, banana shakes were removed from my menu.  Tonight I found myself at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt with banana frozen yogurt covered in walnuts and blueberries.  Last night I had strawberries with kiwi for dessert.  My banana shake runs are becoming a distant memory.

This new doctor also gave us an exercise plan.  Jonathan took me out and exercised me this afternoon.  As I sit typing this, I am almost asleep.  He’s creating a routine for me.  I have been ordered back to yoga starting Thursday.

My once completely accommodating husband has suddenly turned into my personal pregnancy trainer.  I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this yet.  I’ll let you know next week.

All of this is so new to us.  I feel like we are suddenly members of some secret society.  The grown-ups with kids society.  Or the grown-ups getting ready for kids society.

Given all we have been through to get here, it would be very easy to get overwhelmed with everything being thrown at us, but we aren’t.  In many ways it’s the most in sync we have ever been.  Throughout the infertility journey I felt as though I was on a deserted island.  I kept waiting for the moment when I could exhale.

Now I read the books talking about labor with twins and all of the unknowns I have to look forward to, I am calm.  I look at Jonathan and he is calm.

After our appointment yesterday, we can both really exhale.  Together.  We have two healthy, strong babies with strong heartbeats.

God is so very good or has a crazy sense of humor.  I’ll let you know the answer to that when they get here and I’m dreaming of sleep.  In the meantime, I have some baby blankets to make.



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