Top Ten Baby Girl Names

This picture is inserted purely for your viewing pleasure.

This picture is inserted purely for your viewing pleasure.

I have no reason to be posting baby names yet.  I have no idea if I have girls or boys growing in there.  Major polling says I have one of each.  My nausea says … I have no idea what my nausea says.

Today is just a fun post.  My head is a spinnin’ from all of the things I am digesting about redesigning and growing the readership of this blog.  I’ve taken copious notes and done an exorbitant amount of reading, in between editing palliative care videos and trying to get some food in my system.

I really needed to stop and write.  So here I am at baby names.  I have been reading lists online and in books.  Can you believe someone actually wrote Lil Bow Wow in a book as a potential baby name?  What!?!

I think baby names should be classic and timeless.  Not things like Apple.  I have noticed that naming your child after fruit, even the most popular one, has never taken off.  However, the book I am reading suggests the coolest “fruit name” for your baby is Plum.  Uh. No.  I briefly contemplated Clementine, given that historically it is a name and a fruit.  In fact, I would bet the name came before the fruit given that I do not remember eating said fruit until I was an adult.  I am not curious enough to Google it right now.

1.  Harper — I’ll be honest I do love one of my Dumpling nicknames as a real name.  I’ve always thought Harper Lee had a cool name and To Kill a Mockingbird will always be one of my favorite books.  Jonathan likes this name, it could be a contender in the fall.

2.  Ruby — Jonathan is not a huge fan of this name, but I love it.  Ironically, it was my grandfather’s name.  I never met him and he never publicly went by Ruby (for obvious reasons), but I think it is a great name for a little girl.

3.  Audrey — This is my mother-in-law’s middle name, which I did not know when I first selected this as one of my favorite names years ago.  Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have a daughter named Audrey.  Not that it is influencing the names of my children, but I found that out as a side note.  Again, Jonathan is not a fan.  I thought Audrey Kay Wilcox would be a beautiful name after both of our mothers, but alas, I do not think I will win this one.

4. Claire — This is my step-mother’s middle name.  She is not a fan of her middle name.  Is anyone?  My Mawmaw’s middle name was LaRue … Seriously.  I think Claire is a beautiful name.  I thought about Clarice, but every time I hear the name Clarice I think of liver, fava beans and Chianti — oh, and cannibalism.   I have no idea where Jonathan falls on this name, we are not discussing anything seriously until we know what they are.  Given that he is a Libra, I do not make him contemplate anything in advance unless he offers the information willingly.

5. Carolina — Yes, Carolina, as in the Carolinas.  Not Caroline.  I think it is southern and sophisticated.  Caroline is beautiful, but Carolina just has that something extra that I love. I think of James Taylor — yes, I’m going to Carolina in my mind.

6. Juliet — Yes, that Juliet.  Romeo and Juliet.  I love Shakespeare.  I’ve always loved this name.  Classic.  Timeless.  Beautiful.  I also love Portia from Merchant of Venice, but it does not fall into classic, timeless and beautiful.  It falls into the category of my mother is a Shakespeare geek and wanted to be clever with my name.  However, it seems to work fine for Portia de Rossi.

7.  Meryl — When I was a kid I watched the biography of Beryl Markham starring Stefanie Powers.  I thought I would have a daughter named Beryl (after all, at the time I was planning on having eight children so there was room for error), but as I’ve grown older my love for the name Beryl has faded and has been replaced my Meryl.  I originally thought Merrill (my maiden name) but it’s too manly looking as a woman’s name.  But Meryl is feminine looking, however, I am not sure if anyone but Meryl Streep can be named Meryl.  It’s not quite as bad as naming your kid Oprah, but it’s close.  This probably will not make the cut.

8.  Lily — This was my great-grandmother’s name.  I’ve always thought it was timeless and beautiful.  I love lilies, but gardenias are my favorite flowers.  Gardenia is not my favorite name.

9.  Tess — This is sort of a shortened version of Teressa, but not.  I’ve always loved this name since I saw Tess Harper in Tender Mercies.

10. Isabella — I love the name Bella.  So beautiful.  Isabella is classic.  Timeless.  Probably one of my most favorite on the list.

Other Contenders:


Cecilia (yes, I love that song)









Enjoy a little JT — from a LONG time ago.


  1. Katherine says:

    Terry, Feedback no 1-
    LIly has always been a favorite of mine. But I can’t seem to find any agreement on that. .Juliette is my granddaughter’s name, as is Claire, and both are simply beautiful favorites. Meryl, I do think is a great name . And I do think it is time for a little Meryl. Really. And it plays on your name.. GOOD idea. Tess of the d’Urbervilles has always been a favorite since Frank released the picture. Ruby is simply divine, though I have never known one, but would love to. (We recently met a one year old named ‘Scarlett’. That was impressive. I liked it.) Grace is beautiful and classic. Subdued. Chloe is fabulous, but not classic. Younger. Emma has to be a soft sweet thing with some strength but not too pushy. But I like it. And Isabella is the name of ninety percent of the children I know of all ages. So many of them that if I forget a friend’s child’s name I can simply refer to them as Isabelle(a) and be pretty safe.. So I would skip that one.
    Baby naming is SO much fun. :-)

  2. Sandy Merrill says:

    How about Karolina Claire I have always liked when the first a MD middle name flows — euphonic so to speak . I like Claire here forget my history.

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