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Roy Merrill Baby Pic

Unfortunately, I do not have a scanned baby picture of Jonathan at my house, but eventually I will change this picture to be one of him.  I need to steal some photo albums from his Mom and start scanning.  In the meantime, enjoy this adorable picture of my Daddy, Roy.

I’ll be honest, baby boy names are a lot harder for me.  When I started the process of picking my favorite boy names, I wrote down all the boy names in my family and Jonathan’s family that I knew.  Jonathan does not like boy names that are cute.  I don’t either, so we’re in agreement there.  I always picture the name on a man first, and if I laugh, I know it is a bad name.  Except for #9 — I am, for some strange reason, unable to see the humor … clearly blinded by my current obsession with the man in the white Stetson.  This will fade with the season finale in a few weeks.  Jonathan is grateful.

1.   James — This is my father-in-law’s name and my father-in-law’s grandfather’s name.  His father’s name was Clarence.  Clarence went by the nickname Bunt, probably because Clarence is well … Clarence.  I always think of a little boy with asthma or really thick glasses when I hear the name Clarence.  It’s not a strong name, but a sweet one.

2.  Roy — It’s my Daddy’s name, so of course I love it.  Jonathan likes it to, as one of his dearest friends is also named Roy.  Memom and Gran Gran named my father after a fella named Roy Tarwater.  He was a guy who loaned them some money for something, and they felt so indebted to him, they named their first born son after him.  Gran Gran’s name was David, but there are so many David’s in my family I would not go near the name —  even though I love it.

3.  Mark — Jonathan’s brother’s name was Mark.  He passed away almost a year ago which is one reason this name is making my list.  The other reason is I just like the name Mark.  It’s a good name.  I know and have known a lot of wonderful people named Mark in my life.

4.  Jack — Jack is just a good, solid name.  And cool.  I’ve always thought Jack was cool.  The name Jack means God is gracious.  He is gracious, and so would be Jack, should we have one.

5.  George — Jonathan’s grandfather was George.  It’s hard for me to see a baby named George, but I can see a man named George.  I am always a sucker for family names and names that have an origin beyond the baby book or some random television show character.

6.  Jonathan — Of course I love this name.  I am not sure Jonathan is one for having a mini-J running around the house, so it will probably not make his cut, but I still love it.

7.  William — This is my uncle’s middle name.  I didn’t pick it for that reason, but it’s a bonus.  I just like the name.  I always have.  Will is a good, solid name.

8.  Bogart — Ok, here is where I get a little weird.  But honestly, who was cooler than Bogie?  Forget the name Humphrey, he went by Bogie.  Anyone name Bogart would be called Bogie and they could get away with saying things like, “If I thought you could swim back I’d dump you overboard.”  (To Have and Have Not)  Of course, the definition of bogie is “cigarette” … not exactly something I want to tell my child.

9.  Raylan — This is my random television show character name.  We all have one.  You won’t believe how many little boys I know named Sawyer … It will never make the cut, but I would be lying if I did not put it in my top ten.  Even I can succumb to pop culture.  Ah, Raylan.  Raylan Wilcox.  Never.  Our next cat might be Raylan, though.

10.  Hunter — I think Hunter Wilcox is a good combo and it is most definitely a man’s name.  The drawback is he could not be called Hunt.  I don’t like the shortened version of this name.

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— Full confession — I am drawn to the W names because they all sound good with the last name Wilcox.  Sort of rolls off your tongue.

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