Goodbye, Boomer. We Love You.

Boomer Wilcox The Number One May 15, 1995 - March 7, 2013

Boomer Wilcox
The Number One
May 15, 1995 – March 7, 2013

Boomer’s Prayer

May 15, 1995 – March 7, 2012


Dear Boomer,

We love you.  You have been with me since I was 26 years old — my entire adult life.  You’ve been with your Daddy since you hopped up on to his desk and into his heart when we moved into his condo in 2005.  I honestly don’t have the words right now for how much your absence in my daily life seems almost impossible to imagine.  17 years and 10 months since you stole my heart and on this day, my heart is breaking.  Your Daddy’s heart is breaking.

Thank you for letting me be your Mommy, and accepting Jonathan as your Daddy.  Oh, boy did you wiggle into his heart.  He never knew a cat such as you and I know he never will again.  No one who ever met you knew a cat such as you.  There will only ever be one Boomer.  Our Boomer.  You were and always will be the number one.

Thank you for giving me this day to say goodbye to you at home.  Just the two of us, and eventually Daddy.  Not everyone gets that.   Your nudges told me everything.  Also thank you for not going 10 months ago when you fell so ill at the same time Mark passed away.  You blessed us with ten more months.  Each day a gift.

Thank you for letting me be the one to care for you — for giving me almost 18 years and your Daddy eight.  Thank you for always bouncing back from your seventeen lives because I think you knew Mommy was incapable of walking the road of life without you there when I came home.  Thank you for seeing me through countless broken hearts and broken dreams and all of the broken times in my life.  For all the times when I would hold you, as my tears dripped all over your fur.

You can recall one of those times most recently, two nights before my pregnancy test for the twins.  You were better than any therapy.  You never seemed to mind serving in the role of companion and therapist.  Your love was always unconditional and always right there on the surface.  I was never seeking it.  It was just there waiting for me.

Thank you for also being there during all the amazing times in my life.  Meeting your Daddy.  Marrying your Daddy.  Finally pregnant with twins with your Daddy.

Waking up to you was one of the highlights of every day for both of us.  Breakfast.  Lunch.  Dinner.  Snacks.  Making the coffee with Daddy.  Whether the day was wonderful, average or downright awful — seeing you, listening to your purr, having you snuggle in close, these were always the gifts.  I am glad we knew what gifts they were.  In the words of your Daddy, every day with Boomer is a gift.  It was.  It really was.

Thank you for staying around until you knew I was pregnant.  I have cried to you over countless pregnancy tests and bad ovary scans and a million other things on my road to motherhood.  I wish you were going to be here to meet the twins.  But somehow, I think you’ll be there looking out for us.  Maybe on some level, you are letting us go into this next phase of our life.

Thank you for giving me a sign when it was time to let you go.  Thank you for helping me do this and for the look in your eyes that is keeping me strong right now and telling me in their old wisdom that this is the right thing to do.

I hear about a special bridge, the rainbow bridge.  May your spirit leave your body today and the journey to where animal spirits thrive be swift and your arrival happy and joyous, and Wizard will be waiting to greet you and rest close to you once again.  Keep an eye out for the cats of my childhood, Buffy and Mr. Beasley.

Love Always,

Mommy & Daddy


Dear God,

Today I let go of my Boomer who has brought so much joy, unconditional love, affection and loyalty into my life.   I am grateful for your creation of your precious animals that serve to remind us of the compassion and simplicity of love and kindness that all human beings need to learn to live by.

Thank you for not taking him last May at the same time Jonathan’s brother Mark passed away.  It would have been too much for us.  Also, thank you for letting him get me through a positive pregnancy test.  We needed him through both of these things more than you will ever know.  Or, you probably do.

Thank you for the gift of my Boomer, and the gift and ability to be able to let him go in a peaceful way.    Bless the medical hands of Peter that will send him to you with a tender touch, with love and compassion, freeing him from pain and suffering.

Assign him to a place of honor, for he has been a faithful companion and has always done his best to please me.  And please Dear Lord, open your gates to come escort my beloved Boomer across the Rainbow Bridge.

Grant me the strength not to dwell on my loss and help me recall the sweet details of his life and all the love he has shown me.  Let him remember me as well and feel secure that he will always live in my heart.  And when it’s my time to pass over into paradise, please allow him to accompany those who will bring me home.

Thank you, God, for the gift of his presence in my life and for the time we’ve had together.  Help me replace tears with happy memories and all the laughter and good times shared.

Thank you for letting me care for one of your creatures that I could love and sustain him for a measure of time – almost 18 years.

May we continue to care for all your creatures and for every living thing.  Just as I protected the blessed life of my Boomer, and my Wizard, may his and their memories bless my life with love and caring forever.

And thank you, God, for lending me your beautiful creature and for granting me the strength to give him back to you now.


*** Thank you to my friend, Selma, for sending me this prayer and allowing me to personalize it for Boomer.


  1. Sandy Merrill says:

    When I am able to collect myself after reading such beautifully written homage to Boomer and what he has meant to you and Jonathan ,i can only say now i am so relieved that you all were together to say yes to Boomer when he gave you the nod to say good bye. I believe he and Wizard are very happy to be together once again in the great sandbox in the sky . And together they once again can recant what a wonderful life they had with you and Jonathan. Thanks for giving the boys your unconditional lov

  2. Katherine says:

    Terry, I know how hard it is. I am trying desperately to see the keyboard here through the tears, and I never even MET Boomer.
    I had Dinah. Short for Dinamite. She was four pounds. A Yorkshire Terrier. I know. That’s a DOG.. haha. But we mustn’t fight here. ;-) She was with me from 9 years old until I was engaged to Frank, at 21. Interesting eh?
    Sometimes God does send us LOVE, directly, in a being we can see and feel and love with ALLL our hearts, right here and now… until we are gifted with it in another.. Dinah went when Frank came, and Boomer went when the dumplings came.
    Choosing when to go has to be hard for a loved being .. He couldn’t go before you knew of the dumplings. And if he waited until they were born, then his death would be a tragedy during chaos, and you would not have the peace of mind to properly mourn him, which is a critical part of completing. So, he knew he had to go sometime during the pregnancy, so you could move on to the new loves that were so well timed when looking at the big picture. Right?? (from the Boomer big picture that is).
    It’s not a competition.. Not a ‘ them or me’ thing. He had to go. For himself. He’s grateful to the Dumplings for coming now. Whew..
    Love to Boomer. Love to Dinah. And love to you and Jonathan and the dumplings..

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