Dear Dumplings — 9 weeks: Goodbye, Dr. K


Week 9 Babies

Dear Dumplings,

Today we saw you wiggle around like little babies.  It was so beautiful.  Harlow, I think you were waving at us.  Harper, I think you were asleep, but we heard your little heart beating.  We heard both your little hearts beating.  Dr. K told us that this is about as fast as your heartbeat gets.  From here on out it should get slower.

The books say you are now slightly bigger than a grape and on your way to being the size of an olive.  Your tongue, lips and nose are continuing to develop.  Now your eyes are more distinct, with tiny eyelids to protect them.  I can’t wait to see your eyes. Your teeth are just beginning to form, too!  You most definitely are starting to move your little limbs.  I cried when I saw you waving your little arms and legs around, Harlow.

Today was our last appointment with Dr. K.  It was a day I had been waiting for, of course, but I was still a little sad.  I claim to like change, but really I don’t.  Like most people, I adjust, and suddenly you wake up one day and you have a new normal.  It’s been quite a ride from where we started to hearing heartbeats and watching you wave.  It’s a journey I am elated that I took, and I could not be happier with exactly where it ended up.

I know I can call and email Dr. K, and when I can get to a yoga class again, I am certain I will run into him at some point.  I am most certain we will take you to meet him.  Your Daddy seems to think we might even do this again, considering there are about eight more of you on ice — he thinks the more the merrier.  Of course, he does not have to be pregnant.  I keep smiling at him and telling him, “We’ll see.” 

Our graduation to Dr. S is the true end of this portion of the journey.  I officially graduated from the waiting to be a Mama to Mama.  I no longer need the special doctor, but the doctor all the other Mama’s need.  As part of our goodbye thank you present, Daddy and I had our friend Holly bake some really yummy and pretty cookies.  We ate a whole bag full of them on Monday.  To be honest, I only gave Daddy one bite of one cookie.  Apparently, y’all love cookies.  Maybe your both Always Ready for Dessert just like your Mama?

Baby Cookies

When I returned home today, Boomer was waiting for me.  He was delivered back to me in a sweet little box with his paw print.  It was all I could do to sign for everything before I went into the living room and burst into tears.  Oh, how I miss that little ball of fur and his ever so soothing purr.  It was just two weeks ago today when he got sick.  Your Daddy and I talk about him every day.  Last night Daddy went to an event and there was a cat there rubbing all over him.  Between the cat on the yoga retreat and this one, I think Boomer is sending us little kitty messages.  I don’t feel quite ready.  But, I will.  I think there are a couple of little boy cats named Raylan and Boyd in our future.

Life is so spectacular.  Today I have already experienced joy and sadness and grief — it’s only 2:00 in the afternoon.  It’s one of the things I love about this ride we are all on; together, but separately.  All the unpredictability.  As I like to say, it is some kind of ride.  I can’t wait for you to get here and join us.

Not to give you your first guilt trip or anything, but the two of you are making your Mama pretty sick.  The nausea has been so bad the past few days, I can barely eat anything.  Today I managed to eat both breakfast and lunch without incident.  We are craving chicken pot pie and chicken noodle soup — and of course, chicken n’ dumplings.  But we are craving all of these things without the chicken pieces being too visible.  You’re Mama is fast becoming a vegetarian, except for the occasional piece of bacon on her toast.

This past weekend I bought a shelf for your room and found some pictures for your wall.  Last night our sweet friend, Katherine, gave me her sewing machine.  I cannot wait to start making stuff for you.  This weekend will be my first trip into a fabric store in quite some time.  I think I am going to start with something easy.  I’ll let you know what that is as soon as I find it.

In two weeks we get to meet Dr. S.  She seems really nice.  I can’t wait to see you in two more weeks.  Maybe in a few more weeks after that we’ll know what sex you are.  It will definitely help me with fabric choices.

I love you both to the moon.  All the way past the moon, really.

Love Always,


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