Dear Dumplings — 6 Weeks: Yes, I Can Call You DumplingS



Dear Dumplings:

Oh, how blessed we are.

I woke up this morning after only being able to sleep for six hours.  I was so excited to see you I could barely rest my eyes last night.  I also think it’s because your Daddy and I watched Justified.  It was a great episode, but boy was I jumpy when it was over.  As a result, I think you were too because you were stretching my uterus all over the place.

I have really been able to feel you growing the past couple of days.  I can tell by the increase in nausea and the fact that two hours after eating a steak dinner it feels as if I have not eaten anything.  Apparently y’all are hungry little dumplings.  Or you’re just using all of Mommy’s energy up to grow.  Whatever it is, please just keep doing what you’re doing.

All week I have been talking to both of you.  It was not just the high HCG numbers that had me thinking two of you were in there.  I have always felt like I was supposed to have twins.  I can’t explain it, exactly.  Even when I was little, I remember asking Mamaw Wines what it was like to have two babies at once and thinking how cool it would be to have two babies to play with at the same time.

Today I got my wish.  We will have two babies to play with at the same.  Two babies to love more than I could ever put into words.  Two beautiful babies.

Your Daddy and I arrived at the appointment on time, but it was not without our usual driving banter.  I am always telling him which entrance to use and he always tells me I have no idea what I am talking about.  Generally, he listens to me, while complaining my way is slower.  Directional disagreements are something you should get used to, they are not going anywhere. It’s really more of an act than and argument.

I was pretty nauseous when I got there, but I was trying to hold myself together.  I have been trying to balance that fine line between not eating enough and eating too much.  Ginger tea seems to help calm my tummy.  I like bananas and almond butter sandwiches.  And milk, you should see the amount of milk we’re drinking.  I feel like a baby cow.

I had no idea what to expect from seeing you on the ultrasound.  I am always so overwhelmed and excited with each moment, but I seem to have delayed reactions.  In the moment I am stunned and once I am alone or just with your Daddy, the magnitude of what is going on inside my body hits me and I well up with emotion.  Tears of joy streaming down my cheeks.

Dr. K brought you up on the screen.  We immediately saw two gestational sacs, but he did not say anything about it being twins right away.  He focused on the baby on the top of the picture.  I did not expect to hear the heartbeat, but we did.  116bpm.  Perfect.  You’re both bigger than a lentil, but not as big as a lima bean.  Afterwards, we went to the baby on the bottom of the picture.  The heartbeat was the same.  116bpm.  You were measuring slightly smaller than the top baby, but statistically basically the same size.  Dr. K even cut little pieces of paper out showing us how big you were. Of course, I am keeping them.  They are taped to the bottom of your ultrasound.

After the doctor left the exam room, your Daddy hugged me and we cried.  More joy.  More joy than we have ever known together.  I’m crying again as I type.

Tonight I get to stop the medicine called Medrol, which I was taking for my thyroid antibodies, but I still have to take the estrogen and progesterone.  I have bruises all over my rear end from those needles, but I want you to know, it’s worth it.  I would take every bruise 100 times over to see what I saw today.  I am so in love with you.  We are so in love with you.

I called all of your grandparents first.  They are over the moon that there are two dumplings.  You have six grandparents, you know.  I say we think of some original names for them between now and the time you start babbling.  I want you to give them some really cool ones, just for them.

As I type this, I am sitting in what is now my office, but will soon be your room.  I’m listening to Kenny Loggins, Return to Pooh Corner album thinking about rocking both of you.   I’m tall.  I’ve got a great uterus so stay in there as long as you can. I’ve also got really long arms for snuggling.  We’re going to be just fine.

What an incredible day it has been for your Daddy and me.  We’re having twins.  Two perfect heartbeats.  Two perfect dumplings.

My uterus does rock and you’re rockin’ in it.




  1. Cheryl says:

    Yes. Yes. YES!!!!! I am crying now too. Great, great news!

  2. Spring Groove says:

    this is such great news. i am sooooo happy. xxx

  3. Sherry Hemingway says:

    Terry & Jonathan, We could not be more delighted for you. You deserve this double treat and double blessing. Sherry & John

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