60 Days On the Mat – Day 8: Just Being


Lesley and me — Today.
Red’s Porch, Austin, TX

I loved this day.

It’s days like this you wish you could bottle so you could take it off the shelf and relive it when you’re having a crappy day.  I’m sure a repeat would be lost in translation, but it’s nice to dream.

I went to the mat early in the day because I wanted to spend time with my cousin, Lesley. I’ve been staying with her, but we’ve had so little time alone.

I tried a different Yoga Yoga studio in South Austin, and took a vinyasa flow class. Still not as intense as I am used to — but again, a good solid class.  I must admit, I miss the music of my LA classes.  I’m so driven by the music that I didn’t realize how much it affects my practice when it’s not there.

The instructor set the theme for the class — overcoming fear.  That seemed like a lot to take on in 75-minutes, so I opted to focus on something I fear in yoga — crow pose.  I don’t know why I fear crow pose so much.  I think I’m too tall and bulky to hold myself up, but today I decided I would let my feet go even if I fell on my face.

I fell on my face. Twice.

I got up and eventually was able to hold it for a few seconds.  Initially, I felt like I could stay there forever, until I realized I was actually doing it — it’s amazing how much the brain really gets in the way sometimes.  I always over think it.

Today was about not over-thinking anything.

Lesley and Me — 1990.
What am I wearing!?!

I got back from yoga and worked. I answered some emails, scheduled some doctors, waited on sponsors until I was at a standstill — at about 2:30 I looked at Lesley and said, “Let’s go get a margarita.”   

The result was simply a really. good. day.

The weather in Austin was absolutely perfect.  We went to an outdoor bar overlooking the Texas hills and just talked about anything and everything.  We ate queso and fried pickles — drank Shiner Bock — and listened to Willie sing no less than four songs, my favorite being Help Me Make It Through the Night.  

Nothing about it was good for the waistline; everything about it was good for the soul.

Talking uncensored has not always been the case for us; we’re 11 years apart.  There is something about family.  We may go months without speaking and sometimes years without seeing each other — but there is always this shared connection no one else can possibly understand.  We have the same grandparents and cousins; the same genetic habits.  We share stories and a history that stays with us no matter how far away from home or from each other we may roam.  It’s the kind of history where you can just say one word or give one look and you’re practically on the floor laughing.

I have not laughed as I hard as I laughed today in a very long time.  My sides still hurt.

Note to self: Laugh More.  Always Laugh More.

As the evening ended and I climbed into bed to write, my brain was swirling with thoughts.  I was thinking about my GranGran — a lot.  He was a wonderful writer and had he lived long enough he would have been a superb blogger.

GranGran and me – 1970.

I’m too tired from living and laughing and loving (and drinking more than I should have) to do anything more than just be tonight.  The goal of this challenge was to be and do.  Today I was just being.

And it was terrific.

“Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde







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