60 Days On the Mat — Day 24: History In the Making


They left Troy Aikman, one Winnie-the-Pooh, Big Bird, the Batmobile, Jonathan’s commemorative Pete Wilson ornaments from when he worked in the governor’s office in the 90’s  — and the Reagan Library commemorative ornaments from when they were his client.

Apparently they were a democrat Jets fan who liked Superman and Oscar the Grouch … just a wild guess.

Boomer’s Boomer Esiason (his namesake) ornament is no more.  Winnie-the-Pooh snow globe gone.  Oscar the Grouch gone.  All the rest of the ornaments I collected in adulthood gone.  They did leave my menorah napkin rings.

At first I was really upset.  Here I was trying to make Christmas and then this happens.  It was almost hilarious.  Had they not left the empty boxes, I would have thought we lost them all in the move or something.  Isn’t that odd?  Taking a snow globe out of a box?  Ransacking Christmas ornaments? I hope wherever they are tonight, someone is enjoying them — especially the snow globe.

I head to the mat late in the afternoon with a half-lit, basically ornament-less Christmas tree.  I needed to watch Charlie Brown Christmas for some inspiration, but instead I went into my first forward fold and collapsed.

I hadn’t eaten again.  Not one bite.  Not one morsel.  I literally did not remember that I had not eaten until I try to hold my first one-legged plank.  I immediately determine I am starving.

Chaz mentions the end of the world on Friday, and I think, maybe I should wait to buy those Christmas ornaments in case the world does end?  And then I think, if it does end, none of it will matter anyway — and you’ll get to enjoy a fully decorated tree for one day.  I decide to go with thought number two.

I can’t hold tree pose.  This is usually fairly easy for me, but I just let it go.  I was worked up enough today without beating myself up in yoga.  The left side is better.

Don’t worry, let’s go get my ornaments from when I was a kid.  We had clay bells,  Jonathan says, trying to console me.

I head over to my in-laws where my father-in-law and I go through every closet in the house — no clay bells.  But my mother-in-law did give us three beautiful Waterford ornaments that were meaningful to her — she had been saving them.  Now they will have a beautiful home on our tree.  I’m so happy to have ornaments with a story!

The flow is easy, but given my nutrient-deficient body — I am almost sloth-like in my movements today.  I’m trying to focus on the breath and the poses, but my mind keeps wandering back to Christmas.

My Mom would get me an ornament every year as a kid; it was always the first thing she let me open when we put up the tree.  Luckily, most of those are in boxes in Hot Springs Village with her and not with my ornament collection from adulthood.  I have stuff at my Dad’s in Colorado.  We have tons of wedding presents and our homemade Huppah quilt at my in-laws — which I saw today.  Our wedding ketubah is rolled up waiting to be framed.  Our beautiful mezuzah is waiting for a door (and it is gorgeous!)

Our history is spread out all over the place waiting to come home.

We get to crow pose.  Nada.  No crow today.  No handstand today.  I begin to think the lack of food and the residual anxiety from the day are dragging me down.  I am feeling an excessive gravitational pull to the earth.  Rare at this point in class.

Perhaps I just need a sandwich and a nap?

As I pull myself up into bird of paradise pose — something changes.  There was a huge opening across my left shoulder.  I don’t want to leave the pose.  Same thing on the other side.  I could feel the muscle fibers releasing.  There is still a long way to go.  My shoulders are pretty messed up from years of slouching.

My mind wanders to how I am going to get it all done.  I push it away.

In shavasana, I put a towel on my face and just let it all go.  I try to push all the business out of my brain.  I am not fully successful until it is almost over.  I really hate it when that happens.  I cheat myself of the best part.  One day at a time.

After dinner I drive to Target.  It was the land of the misfit ornaments.  Nothing is lonelier than the Christmas ornaments left 6 days before Christmas.  I buy a few ornaments which include a Darth Vader for Jonatan and a W —  and head the 99 Cent Store where I buy lots of cheap glass balls.  I’m not feeling satisfied.  This is not how this was supposed to go.

I start my car and the first song on the radio is Darius Rucker singing History in the Making.  I’m telling you, in moments like this, I do believe someone is talking to me through the radio.

Not every moment is a part of the official historical record — but if you’re not paying attention you might miss something.  If you’re all wrapped up in the missing ornaments you’ll miss something much more important.  The present.  You’ll forget the fact that you put up the Target/99 Cent/Rite Aid Christmas tree and shared hot tamales and red vines on the couch.

Now that we have the tree … it just needs a few presents.  Just a few.

Wilcox Christmas Tree 2012




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