BoomerTime: Meet Boomer the Happy Elf

Boomer, a red tabby persian, wearing an elf hat

Are you serious?

This group of photos needs little explanation.  It is simply for your viewing pleasure this evening.

He was not amused … but he did get an extra turkey snack for the effort and forgave me.

It’s BoomerTime!

Boomer, a red tabby Perisan, trying to remove and elf hat

Get this freaking thing off my head!?!

Boomer, a red tabby Persian, annoyed wearing an elf hat.

There is no blog worth this. You’re nuts! Where is my union rep?

Boomer, a red tabby Perisan cat, wearing an elf hat.

I am not going to let you look at my face. This thing is coming off!

Boomer a red-tabby Perisan is wearing an elf hat.

Are you 5? I am not a doll. You better hold my head up because that’s the only way you’re going to see me. I look ridiculous.

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