Boomer Wakes Up


I have a cat.  Now I know a lot of people have cats, and I am sure your cat is entertaining, as most of them are.

But I just want to show you a few things.  A few pictures of how Boomer starts his morning.

Somehow I just don’t think it is how the average cat starts their morning.

Boomer, a red tabby Persian cat, lying in bed half asleep

You Did Not Just Turn That Light On

From this picture it appears that Boomer is a late riser … given he is still in our king-size sleigh bed under 600 thread count sheets and an electric blanket (set to level 3) at 10:00am PST.

But a late riser he is not.

This is his mid-morning nap.

He first wakes up at 5:50.  Not 6:00 not 6:50 not 7:00 but 5:50AM.  His official breakfast hour.

After breakfast he comes back to bed where he proceeds to sleep in until he feels like getting up.

We wake up groggy and tired.

I know you’re thinking … he’s a cat.  Kick him out.  But seriously now, look at that face.  He’s 15.  Could you really kick him out?

Honestly, sometimes I do but then my husband makes me feel like a bad mother.  He is attached to Boomer.  I think he married me to be closer to Boomer.

There are days I really wonder.

I need to have some kids, and quick …

Boomer, a red tabby Persian cat, lying in a human bed staring at camera

Do I Look Ready to Get Up?

Once the light is on, he proceeds to stay there and stare at me as if I am interrupting something.

Then he stares at me like this …

Boomer, a red tabby Persian cat, staring at camera incredulously

I’m Irritated With You

Eventually he gets up.

And after a long stretch and an attempt at asking for an early lunch, he settles for checking his email …

Boomer, a red tabby Persian cat, sitting on a Mac laptop staring at camera

I Have People to Write, What Do You Want?

Honestly, he barely lets me make the bed.

I have to stop using the auto focus on my camera.  But I am scared there could be disaster.

Do you have a strange cat?  I would love to know.

Cheers ~


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  1. AHHHH! That is my grandchild and how could you think he is strange. He is a blue blood and this is what blue bloods do – lounge, languish and look at you – because he thinks you are STRANGE – you just don’t understand me after all these years (there are many more of me out there (of course not as handsome and wise and not with this vivid red finery with striking stripes) so be careful what you say – a relative could be at your door at any moment in time to defend me and my royal heritage

    Grandma Roberts

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